About Us

Our company is one of the leading company specializing in the field of Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) ,Glass-Fibre Refined Gypsum(GRG) and Polyethylene(PE) products with track record of successfully conducting buisness in the United Arab Emirates and GCC contries for past 30 years

Al Laziqia industries is equipped with the latest technology and we are able to call on technology and experienced personal covering a wide range of skills relating to fibre-glass & polyethylene products and their applications. Al Laziqia industries is not only widening its interest, but also increasing its capacity to produce top quality products which company with all major international and local standards.

We guarentee for high quality, clean and hygienic bacteria free, fungus free, no temperature fluctuation, ultra violet protection, no rust, no corrosion, no leakage, strong pressure and heat resistance, recommended by builders, architects and consultants for potability and purity of its strength, convenience and durability.

Clean & Hygienic

In our water storage tank product smooth inner layer resists the existance and prevalence of bacteria ,algae, fungus etc. and hence pitabilit of water. it also ensures no smell, no colour and no taste

No Temperature Fluctuation

In our water storage tank product the black middile layer resist the heat and water in the tank remains cool,the specially desingned outer layer (UV-Stabiliser) off sets the ultra violet rays

Leak Proof

Single piece moulded body ensure no join , no leakage and 100% maintenance free water storage